Gerard Casale is currently the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Tylt Ventures, a LA based venture capital firm.

 Casale co-founded of TYLT VENTURES in 2003 and has since made early stage investments in start-up companies such as Flexport, Thrive Market, Tala, MeUndies, Clutter, TIXR, TodayTix, Custom Ink, VIDA, Elysium, BeautyCon, and many others. Casale also assists in the operation of many business entities including those in the wireless accessory, sensor technology, artificial intelligence/data management, food packaging/processing and dental technology fields.  The mission of Tylt Ventures is to seek investments operated by gritty, tenacious and focused founders whose business is capable of outsized returns. The formula applied at Tylt is to seek founders who are whole-heartedly focused on the mission with a business plan capable of significant ROI and carrying a logical and well thought out execution plan. Typically, Casale seeks investments in businesses that he and his partners can understand and also provide value-added service and/or advice. 

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