Data Protection and Privacy Rights--  are you in compliance?

With GDPR already in place in the EU and the California Consumer Privacy Act becoming effective January 1, 2020 [and other States falling in line]-- are you prepared? 

What kind of data are you currently gathering and storing as a business and why?  Are you subject to the new rules and regulations and if so how do you navigate to a Safe Harbor. 

We can help you assess your current data privacy and protection plan and systems and implement the proper legal and technology structure to ready you for compliance and protection.  

Would you like to run a Data Breach Cost Calculation on our Calculator?

Would you like to have a Cyber Risk Assessment Summary prepared?

 Ask us!

Key aspects to consider: 

-Identify the data you store and how you store it, map it;

-What personnel are in your chain of data management, protection and analysis;

-Why do you store data, how do you use consumer data?

-What tools are you using to protect data, encrypt data?

-Are you PCI compliant?

-Are your Privacy Policies and TOU up to date?

-Do you have the appropriate cookies disclosure and opt in, opt out capabilities?

-Do you need a DPO?

-Are you registered with the proper third-party supervisory authorities?

-How do you handle prospective breaches?

-Have you assessed your vendor agreements from a data flow perspective and compliance perspective?

-Do you have the proper cyber/tech or other insurance coverages?

 These are just some starter inquiries.  We can help you get through it all.   Data and privacy protection is an ONGOING process.

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About Gerard Casale, the attorney:

 Gerard N. Casale, Jr. was born in New Britain, Connecticut and is lives and works Santa Monica, California.   He has been licensed to practice law in the State of California since 1992 and is admitted to the Supreme Court of the State of California,  the District Court for the Central District of California and the United States Court of Federal Claims.


 Casale graduated from Fairfield University in Fairfield, Connecticut receiving a B.A. degree in Economics in 1989. He graduated from the Pepperdine University School of Law with a Juris Doctorate in 1992.


 Casale started his law career in 1992 as an associate litigator with the law firm Booth Mitchel & Strange in Los Angeles upon receiving his law degree and passing the California State Bar examination. In 1994, Casale launched his own law firm, Casale Alliance, LLP, soon thereafter adding partners and associates and immediately began focusing on business and corporate transactional law. Throughout the years of his law practice, Casale has represented hundreds of firms and individuals and been a part of over $1.5 billion dollars of financing, investing and M&A transactions over the years.

 In 2000, Casale founded X-Laboratories, an incubator partnership between Hughes Research Labs, Boeing, Raytheon, and General Motors. After organizing and raising VC investment for X-Labs, Casale was asked to manage the company as its CEO and sold the company in 2003 to a Los Angeles based PE fund.

 During the period of 2004-2011 Casale was engaged as a partner/member in several LA and NYC based law firms including his last membership at TroyGould of Los Angeles where he was active as an M&A and transactional attorney.   Casale has focused on corporate law, M&A, data privacy/protection, securities law, general start-up business law and all forms of financing.  He has also accepted assignments in strategic corporate planning, International business development and crisis management engagements.

 Casale has taught as an adjunct professor at Pepperdine University School of Law from time to time teaching Venture Law and related topics.