In 2009, Casale joined the founding Board of Directors of a then-start-up grade 5-8 school in South Los Angeles called Crown Prep Academy.  The mission for this middle school was to provide an under-served area of Los Angeles with a  STEM-themed educational program to develop scholars into successful into successful college graduates and professionals, through equal access and inspiration, rigorous curriculum, and a commitment to our Core Values.  In 2011, Crown Prep received its LAUSD charter and began operations.

 Crown Prep middle school has now joined in partnership with a K-4 program and a high school called the  STEM Prep Schools [3 campuses all in South LA] and currently provides the educational platform for over 1200 scholars from kindergarten through high school.  The goal is to create a college pipeline of individuals who will transform their community by closing the socio-economic, ethnic, and gender gaps in STEM fields, and serving as role models who exhibit scholarliness, advocacy, perseverance, and kindness.   STEM PREP has enjoyed tremendous success and is considered a model not only for charter schools but for education in America.

 In 2018, Casale joined the STEM PREP program as Head of Social Impact forming partnership with Fortune 100 companies, local leaders, entrepreneurs, physicians, engineers and others to bring more opportunities to the program and unite business with the educational platform.  This mission involves forming partnerships for internship programs, apprenticeships, donations and public-private partnering to further awareness of this effective teaching methodology.

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